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5 Mobile Photography Tips Everyone Should Know

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

With mobile technology advancing at a rapid pace, the new cameras are excellent. That is why if photography is your passion, you can take fantastic pictures from your phone too. If you don’t know where to begin, here are the top five mobile photography tips you must know.

1. Get To Know Your Camera

Many of us have no idea about the endless capabilities of our phone cameras. We take ordinary pictures and expect beautiful results. That is why you need to take some time out to become more familiar with the camera.

For example, learn more about your mobiles’ auto mode, white balance, shutter speed, and much more. A better understanding of these things will help you capture great pictures.

2. Take Landscape Pictures In HDR Mode

HDR means a high dynamic range, and it is almost on every smartphone. The mode offers better-balanced exposure and is perfect for landscape photography. The sky will not look too bright, and the ground will not look too dark.

If you take pictures outdoors of some sceneries, it is always a great idea to use HDR mode. When you do, you will be surprised by the fantastic results.

3. Activate Burst Mode For Action Shot

Are you trying to capture a picture of a moving subject? If you are, then you must activate burst mode for the best results. You need to keep your finger on the capture button, and the phone will keep taking pictures till you release your finger.

Doing this will allow you to capture each moment of the movement. After that, you can choose the best picture. If you have trouble clicking the capture button at the right moment, this mode will come in handy.

4. Focus On Composition

The art of taking a good picture is all about composition as it sets good pictures apart from fantastic ones. Use the rule of thirds to compose a beautiful shot. According to the rule, you must position the essential element off-center rather than in the middle.

Keeping it off-center will create a natural and balanced composition that will visually please the eye. You can activate the camera grid in an iPhone to use the rule of thirds.

5. Experiment With Different Perspectives

Many of us take pictures standing with the camera on our chest height. However, if you want exciting pictures, you must experiment with unique perspectives. So, always look for an alternative view.

For example, would the picture look more interesting if you shot from a low angle or lying down on the ground? The point is to always try new angles for beautiful shots.

Final Words

These are the top five mobile photography tips you can incorporate for better pictures. If you want more such information, you can always use the Explorer feature on Part My Day. It is a platform for virtual events, and you can find a session related to your interest, such as photography, dance, art, and much more.

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