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Digitization of schools

I think every student had a wish to be able to stay at home on a school day. Digitizing schools can make it possible.

Digitization means applying the use of digital technologies in business or social processes in order to improve them. In connection with schools, it is important to acquire and install digital media that are used in an educational context.

When using technologies at home, the students should learn to act independently, creatively and socially responsible. Their actions should be encouraged in such a way that they are able to participate responsibly in social, economic, cultural and political life. This prepares the children more for the reality and the future, as the internet is now an indispensable part of everyday life and in companies and is developing rapidly and making progress. By working in their own four walls, the learners feel a little more free and get the feeling of being able to decide for themselves, which means that they find more joy and motivation in learning.

Nowadays, unfortunately, more and more students lose the desire to learn, e.g. through being forced to get up early. Learning from home could be the solution to bring back a little sense of self-control. This type of class can be very time-saving, especially for those who have a long way to school. The students could sleep a little longer, which is also good for their health. It also has a positive impact on parents and teachers. Especially with the parents, whose children still have to be driven to school and the teachers who are not from the local area, as they no longer have to make the long journey to work or school. The children would have more free time to meet up with friends or pursue their hobbies.

Homeschooling also has a good impact on the environment, as it means that commuting to work or school, which is usually done by car, is no longer necessary. Economical and ecological savings can be made. Which is a positive side effect for the environment and for the wallet. Furthermore, a lot of paper can be saved because the worksheets and book pages can now be found digitally on the laptop or tablet. The students thus protect their health. As mentioned above, by sleeping longer and preventing back problems, as this is no longer burdened so much by the heavy books that you always have to carry in your school bags. Instead, the school provides them with a tablet or laptop in which all the learning utensils they need are available. Lessons can be made more interesting because graphic illustrations of the learning content can be better illustrated using digital media, e.g. based on 3D animations. The tablet gives you flexibility when it comes to adapting teaching materials, information research or worksheets. The teachers get a better overview of the learning progress of the individual and can therefore respond to each individual and help. Digitization would be a great step forward for society.

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