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DIY Photo Frame

Your friend's birthday is coming up and you have not picked out a gift yet? Do not stress, it's not too late to make a nice gift yourself. Something homemade is more personal and special than something bought anyway. Photos are probably always a nice idea, because they remind you of the beautiful and fun times with your loved ones, reviving a nice feeling. So just pick a nice photo and easily create the frame and decorate it yourself.

Everything you need for this you probably already have at home: a selected photo, liquid glue, scissors, a craft knife, dark drawing paper (colors may vary), cardboard, colored paper, and a pencil for the decoration.

First, you will need a piece of cardboard to fit all the dimensions. Pay attention to the dimensions of the picture, which you can simply place in the center of the cardboard to draw the exact outline. Now think about how big you want your border to be and draw those outlines as well. Then pick up the scissors and cut out your photo frame along the guide lines. Then cut out the drawn center as well. You should already have your rough desired frame in front of you.

The second step is to place the drawing paper under the photo frame and bend it already to fit around the frame. Then cut a vertical and a horizontal cut at each corner created by the bending, so all you have to do is glue down the protruding drawing paper with liquid glue and then press it around the frame.

Now you should have a photo frame with the cut-out center for the photo still covered by the cardboard. This problem is now fixed by cutting out the center with the craft knife along the lines in a pencil-drawn X shape, folding the resulting triangles over and gluing them to the edge, cutting off anything that sticks out. The top part of the photo frame is now finished!

For the back part, again take a piece of cardboard that should match the dimensions of the upper frame. First coat one side of the cardboard with liquid glue and glue the drawing paper to it. Repeat the process of folding, cutting, and gluing the protruding edges. Glue the side without drawing paper so that the cardboard is covered with the paper. Your photo frame is almost ready!

To make the photo fit in between, take three strips of cardboard and glue them to the back of the top frame you made first. Leave out the horizontal edge at the top so that the photo can be slid in there later. Now glue the bottom panel to the top one, applying the glue to the three strips of cardboard. You have done it. You can decorate it, for example with homemade colored paper and the gift is ready.

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