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Is dry food or wet food better for dogs?

You have just bought a small puppy or adopted a dog from the shelter and now you want to offer it the best possible and healthiest food. Of course, the type of food plays one of the most important roles, as this is what ends up in the dog's bowl on a daily basis.

However, the crucial question is: "Should I buy dry food or wet food?". Your four-legged friend may like the dry food very well, you have no problems with the transport of the food, it is probably cheaper than the wet food and too usually it has a longer shelf life.

Unfortunately, besides the many advantages of the convenient purchase of dry food for humans, there are not many for the four-legged friend, except for the taste. In fact, dry food has a harmful effect on the organism of your favorite. Starting with the ingredients of the dry food and the original diet plan of the dog, the dry food nowadays has little to do with species-appropriate food.

The basis for most dry food makes the grain that is incidentally favorable for the purchase of the industry. However, the stomach has difficulties utilizing this. In addition, it consists of 60% carbohydrates, which is extremely unnatural for the dog's diet. Instead, it should contain more animal proteins, but in this food, if it does contain proteins, it has mostly vegetable proteins and ultimately your new pet lacks any protein-rich energy sources, which are important for the absorption of nutrients. As a result, the new housemate cannot be provided with the nutrients it needs. Next, there is the problem of long shelf life. Many people disregard the fact that it can be quite a negative aspect because due to it, the food can be more often moldy.

There are also some preservatives used to make it durable, which have a proven toxic effect. Even more, the feed is heated strongly, which reduces the quality of the added meat. The feed industry wants to market dry food better by a good smell and taste; therefore, odor and taste enhancers are used.

The quadruped must drink a lot to be able to digest the dry food rudimentarily. It then swells in the stomach and reabsorbs the water just absorbed, and a cycle occurs that begins with dehydration for the dog and ends with organ damage due to the lack of water. The kidney is often affected by the damage, but other internal organs are also damaged. Wet food, on the other hand, contains a lot of moisture and is, therefore, more favorable for the fluid balance.

Also, the ingredients are accordingly better, because here you have mostly meat and therefore also the nutrients that your favorite needs. So, if you want to do something good for your dog, go for the wet food. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that not every wet food is automatically better than dry food.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure what goes into the stomach of your four-legged friend, you can also prepare the food for your dog yourself or ask dog breeders and specialists in Part My Day where you can book a lot of events from professionals. And the cherry on the top is that all events are one-to-one and performed exclusively for you..

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