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Is veganism just a trend?

Veganism is much more than just a trend. It is a conscious diet for the benefit of the animals. More and more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle. But what is that?

This type of diet does not include any consumption of animal products and is therefore only plant-based. Meat, cheese, honey or any dairy products have been removed from the vegan's menu.

Why are more and more people choosing it?

This can have many different reasons, such as ethical reasons, ecological reasons or health reasons. Because nowadays many people are relatively uninformed when it comes to the origin and meaning of their steak or their milk from the supermarket. When shopping, you will mostly only come across meat that comes from factory farming. The term factory farming refers to livestock farming in which a large number of animals stand together in a small space in order to make a large profit as quickly and efficiently as possible. The needs of the animals are not dealt with here. Before the pork schnitzel lands on the plate, there is a long process that can be accelerated with factory farming. So the animals have to be fattened. The best way to do this is through the feed and little exercise, so pigs, for example, are pushed into a closed cage in a confined space and a concrete floor, which allows them about 0.75 m² of free space per pig. This is reflected in the behavior pattern and behavior disorders occur due to the extreme stress. In addition, because of the narrow space, diseases can spread more easily. Their feed rations consist of antibiotics and soy, as the soy gives them a high protein intake and the pigs thereby achieve rapid growth and weight gain.

Some people can't stand the thought of the torments of these animals and therefore choose not to consume any animal products. But it can also have completely different reasons. This type of posture is also harmful to the environment. The rainforest often has to suffer from the cultivation of soy. Due to the fact that the animals need a lot of forage, it is necessary to clear forests in order to gain new growing space. In addition, it should of course be cheap, which is why it is imported. There are long transport routes and consequently massive CO2 emissions. This is very damaging to the environment. However, some people also decide to forego meat and animal products for health reasons. As already mentioned, the animals are fed, among other things, with the use of antibiotics. Its use can be dangerous for humans, because the antibiotic that the animal eats unintentionally ends up in our bodies when we eat meat from factory farming. If we eat a lot of meat, there is a chance that we will stop responding to diseases that require antibiotic treatment because we have become resistant to antibiotics over many years of consuming meat. Also, many believe that being a vegan would be missing some important nutrients. This is not necessarily the case. A good study of the subject will reveal that there are some good substitute foods for meat.

If you want to talk to nutritionists, vegan food specialists or just want to look for new recipe ideas, you can download the PMD app and hold a 1-on-1 event with our Host.

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