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About the App

Part My Day is a new platform for sharing experiences with others. Learn from the experience and share it online!


Hosts on our platform run online interactive one-to-one video calls with Explorers and share their experience and knowledge in different spheres of life. Everyone can become a Host or an Explorer in Part My Day.


If you join Part My Day as a Host, you can earn money by hosting one-to-one sessions with our Explorers. Sharing experiences, knowledge or moments of joy is nice and easy:

— Run fascinating online tours like a real guide.

— Organize cooking master classes like a real chef.

— Teach how to dance! Teach everyone to dance their favorite dance and move to the beat.

— Join and run home training or fitness tutorial.

— Set up an exclusive master class for acting online!

— Do you speak different languages? It’s high time to organize an online tutorial!

In Part My Day you can share everything you want.


Do you want to be an Explorer? Switch to Explorer Mode to find events that match your interests. Book an event and join a Host’s session to take part in a new moment of joy. 


App Features

Video Calling

1-to-1 experience

Real time chatting

Chat with Host and schedule meeting

Card payment facility

Be an Explorer and buy events

Earn Money

Be a Host, create events, share your experience

On all mobile devices

On Google Play and App Store



We are Here to Help

Who is the Host?

The Host is the person who shares their spare time, moments, offers a guided tour, cooking sessions, endless ways to have a good time with others, and earns money.

Who is the Explorer?

The Explorer is interested in new or unfamiliar areas, wants to acquire knowledge, and have a unique experience in a real shared moment with the Host on a 1-to-1 videocall.

How do I switch between Host and Explorer modes?

In the More menu, there is a line with a slider. This slider lets you switch you between Host and Explorer modes.

How do I create an Event?

Switch to Host mode.

In the Events section, click on the “+” sign.

Fill out the form, and do not forget to indicate the Сategory and add a photo characterizing your event.

Click on Create Event.

PartMyDay processes payments powered by Stripe, enabling you to create a payout account on our platform by providing all necessary information. After review and verification, the payout account is enabled, which allows users to attach the information of their bank account into which they will be paid.

The payouts are made after a 14-day buffer period of the booking completion.

How will I be paid?

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All Videos
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Part My Day App

Part My Day App

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Join us to be our Host

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