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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question on this page please send us an email at or at or use the form at the bottom of our Home page.

Download and Installation

Account and Profile

Hosts, Explorers, and Application Tutorials

Events, Categories, and Appointments

In-application messaging and in-application chats


Download and Installation

How to download Part My Day?

Depending on your mobile device operating system, go to the respective store and in the search field type ‘Part My Day’ (without the quotation marks). You can also use the following links to go directly to the stores to download the application:

  • Google Play Link

  • Apple Store Link


About supported operating systems

We provide support for and recommend using the following devices:

  • Android running OS 4.0.3 or a later version

  • iPhone running iOS 9 or a later version

How to update Part My Day?

You can easily update the Part My Day application from your phone's application store. We encourage you to always use the latest version of the app, as the latest versions contain the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Android: Find the Part My Day application in the Google Play Store, then tap Update.

  • iPhone: Find the Part My Day application in the Apple App Store, then tap Update.


How to sign up or register?

Open the application, click on the sign-in button. Here you can register using your active email or use the SSO (Single Sign-On facility) using Gmail, Facebook, or Apple.

How to log in or log out?

  • Simply use your email and password used while signing up or use the SSO facility for simpler, hassle-free login.

  • If you wish to log out, then go to the More section of the bottom Navigation bar and log out using the bottom-most button called LOGOUT.

Account and Profile


I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can request your password reset by going to the ‘forgot password’ module on the main application login section where you can enter your platform email and generate a new request for a password reset link.


Can I update my current password?

Yes, once you are logged in successfully you go to the ‘More’ section of the bottom Navigation bar. There you can see an update password section, click on it, and enter your desired new password.


How to edit my profile?

Go to the ‘More’ section of the bottom Navigation bar and click on the ‘Profile’ tab. You can view your current profile stats and can update them by clicking the edit icon in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Hosts, Explorers, and Application Tutorials


Who can be a Host?

Hosts are individuals with something to share. Be it an online course, a trip to a museum, or anything in between. There are endless possibilities to share experiences with others and earn money. So, share a part of your day with others who value your Events.


Who can be an Explorer?

Explorers are people looking for something new. Part My Day connects Explorers and Hosts for exciting new shared experiences across the globe.  For example, watching a sports game together, or having a guided tour of a wonderful temple, or simply by being part of your Host’s day. It is easy to engage, schedule, and enjoy. 


How do I switch modes between Host and Explorer?
Once logged in, navigate to the ‘More’ section of the bottom Navigation bar; here you can see a switch called ‘EXPLORER MODE’, you can enable and disable it to switch roles and use the application accordingly.


How can I have a demonstration or an overview of Part My Day application?
Once logged in, navigate to the ‘More’ section of the bottom Navigation bar Here you can see a tab named ‘Tutorials’. Tap on it and it will lead you to our YouTube channel. Providing you all the details about the platform, its usability, etc.

Events, Categories, and Appointments


How to create an Event?

Switch to ‘Host’ mode. On the main dashboard screen, you can then add an Event from the top right-hand ‘plus’ icon and edit your new Event.

Similarly, each Event which is not yet booked can be edited or updated.


How can I see my appointments?

Once logged in, navigate to the Appointment section of the bottom Navigation bar; here you can see the bookings for your current active role, i.e. Host or Explorer.

By switching modes, you can view the bookings of your other role.


What Categories do I have access to?

Once logged into your main dashboard you will see the Event Categories page. There you can find 18 Categories.

By selecting a Category of Events, you can browse the available Events under that Category.

Select the Event you prefer and request a Booking for that Event.


How can I accept a booking request?

You will receive notifications for all received requests.

To view your requests, you must exit the Explorer mode via the ’More’ section of the Navigation bar open your created Event. Here you will see a ‘View requests’ button, which upon clicking allows you to accept a Booking request.


How to complete a Booking?

To complete a Booking the Host needs to send a completion request to the Explorer which the Explorer can accept or reject.


Can I leave a rating for a booked Event?

Yes, once the booked Event is completed the Explorer will be prompted to add their review and rating of experience of the Event.


Can I report any content?

Yes, you can report any user or Event by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the chat or the Event detail section.


How to initiate my session?

At the agreed time, only the Host can initiate the call to the Explorer. The Host needs to start the video stream by going to their Appointments tab as a Host and initiate the call from the top right-hand video icon.

In-application messaging and in-application chats


How can I contact a Host?
Go to the main Events screen, click on any category, choose any Event you are interested in. At the bottom of the event details, you can see a chat button with which you can initiate communication with the Host.


How can I start chatting with the Host?

You need to go to any created Event by the Host. There you will see a chat button. Upon clicking the chat button, you will be prompted to send a request to the Host to initiate the communication. The Host has the option to either accept, reject or block any user. The Host can also unblock a user if necessary.



Are there any platform fees?

​Yes, there are platform fees as described below:

  1. For service Explorers (or buyers): A service charge of 5% of the booking fee to cover transmission and payment transaction fees will be added to the booking fee.

  2. For service Hosts (or sellers): upon receipt of payment of a booking fee, a 20% platform charge will be deducted from the booking fee.

How are payments processed?

  1. Once an order is completed eXperience Apps PLC (Anstalt) pays Hosts (or sellers) in its next payment cycle, scheduled every 15th day of a month.

  2. If an order is canceled for any reason the fee paid, excluding the 5% service charge, will be returned to the service Explorer (or buyer).

  3. If an order completion and / or delivery is disputed the fee paid will be retained by eXperience Apps PLC (Anstalt) until the dispute has been resolved.

  4. The service Hosts (or sellers) are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including any GST, VAT, or income tax, which may apply to them depending on their residency, location or otherwise, under provisions of their jurisdiction. Host (or sellers) represent and warrant that they comply at all times, with their obligations under income tax provisions in their jurisdiction.

  5. All payments services in connection with the withdrawal of fees and charges by the Part My Day platform are performed by eXperience Apps PLC (Anstalt)’s payment service provider.  

How can I add my card?

You can add multiple credit and debit cards by going to the ‘More’ section and then clicking on the ‘cards’ tab. Here you can add and remove your cards’ information.

Part My Day does not record your card details. Card details and processing information is executed through a third-party specialized payment processing provider.


How can I make a payment?
Once you have selected an Event, you get a ‘proceed button’. Upon clicking the ‘proceed’ button you are prompted to select a pre-added card. You   may add any other card as well. By selecting the desired card, you get the total charge which you can then pay.


How will I be paid?

You need to setup your account on our payout dashboard:

  • Switch to Host mode

  • Go to the More section of the Navigation bar

  • Click on the Earnings section

  • Click on Open payout dashboard

  • Add all necessary information and complete the form

  • Recheck the submitted form

  • Allow the platform to verify your details

  • The platform may prompt you to fill in all necessary fields and to resubmit the order

  • Upon successful completion, eXperience Apps PLC (Anstalt) will pays Hosts in its next payment cycle, scheduled every 15th day of a month.

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