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Here you can watch Tutorials for 3 important things in Part My Day: Creating an Event, Booking an Event and Rating an Event. 

Creating an Event

  1. The Host switches the app to ‘Host’ mode and creates an Event. 

  2. The Host checks the newly created Event. All looks OK.​

  3. The Explorer finds an interesting Event and decides to book it.

Booking an Event

  1. The Explorer browses the Categories and decides to book an Event from a Host.

  2. The Explorer taps the ‘Chat’ button which sends a connection request to the Event’s Host.

  3. The Host receives a ‘connection request’ notification and accepts the request.​

  4. The Explorer receives a notification that the Host has accepted their chat request and can now chat with the Host.

  5. The Host replies to the Explorer. 

  6. The Host and the Explorer discuss the Event.

  7. The Explorer then goes to the Host’s Event page and taps the ‘Book Event’ button.

  8. The Host receives a ‘Booking request’ notification and accepts the Booking request.

  9. The Host opens the Appointments tab and checks the status of the booked Event. It’s green. So, it’s OK.

  10. On the Explorer’s Appointments tab, the Event has also a green status.

Rating an Event

  1. After the Event is finished the Host taps the ‘Request Event Completion’ button.

  2. The Explorer receives a ‘Completion Request’ notification. 

  3. The Explorer accepts the  Completion Request and rates the event. 

Creating an Event
Booking an Event
Rating an Event
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