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Paris - the city of love

Are you looking for an unforgettable trip with your partner? Then let's go to Paris, the capital of France or as it is known the city of love. It is a very romantic city, which is why it is especially popular as a vacation destination for couples. With about 15- 16 million annual tourist arrivals, it is considered one of the most desirable metropolises. But why is it so?

Back in the 18th century, the romantic art movement spread across Europe. In the center stood thereby above all France with Paris. Through respected writers, who described the beauty of the city in picturesque words, the image of Paris as the most romantic capital was formed. Characteristics are the cozy restaurants, cafes and parks, but also the luxurious and elegantly built houses and castles, as well as hidden small gardens make the city look so beautiful. You are probably most familiar with the Eiffel Tower, where there have been quite a few wedding proposals, because it is simply a unique experience to stand in front of it. Especially at night, when it is dark, it is worth going there, because then it glitters and is illuminated with its 20,000 lamps every hour for 5 min.

Other romantic ideas and sightseeing could be the following: a boat trip on the Seine, where you can sit back and enjoy some beautiful sights, such as the Notre Dame or the Louvre. A walk through the elegant houses and streets of Paris is certainly also a nice change, you can make a stop and eat in a cozy restaurant. Also a walk through the green areas as well as the hidden gardens offers itself. Do not be alarmed, however, if you walk across bridges, they may be adorned with love locks. This trend started a few years ago, where couples promise each other eternal love and attach the lock with their names on it to the bridge. The key is then thrown in with their backs to the water. If you are ever in Paris, be sure to visit some of the sights, such as the Sacre Coeur. This is a castle that gives you a wonderful view of the charming city of Paris after all the stair climbing. As well as the Arc de Triomphe, which is the largest archway in the world. A fire is lit here every day at 6:30 pm. It's worth taking a look at the city of love. If you are looking for more travel tips or want to exchange ideas about different vacation destinations then visit the Part My Day app. You can find a virtual guide and a special virtual tour made for you by our Hosts.

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